Support for Researchers

University of Information Technology and Management has developed a broad system of support for researchers, applied by various internal units of the University. A system covers following elements:
  • a transparent recruitment process led by the UITM HR Consulting Department

  • an organized process of introducing into a scheme of work and duties for newly employed researchers

  • flexible model of employment and conditions of work, allowing for a differentiated relation of research activity and teaching, dependant on personal preferences of a researcher and a current level of advance of a research career

  • a mentoring system for young researchers

  • a possibility of a break from some academic duties, fully paid

  • financial support in completing procedures of obtaining scientific degrees and titles in other institutions

  • a system of so-called internal grants for research projects (financed from University's own financial sources or from governmental subsidies obtained by the UITM)

  • a system of trainings for researchers, specially young researchers (up to 35 years old), on a development of competences relevant for research and academic teaching, a financing of research and on a protection of IPRs

  • a monitoring of respecting ethical rules for researchers contained in European Charter for Researchers as well as in national and internal documents.

Framework conditions for an employment and a recruitment of researchers are described in job offers available in Polish and English:


Researchers who would like to be employed at the UITM can get detailed information of particular elements of a system of researchers' support by a direct contact with following persons:
UITM's internal regulations on various aspects of researchers' positions, rights and duties in the UITM can be always requested by a candidate researchers (via contact with persons mentioned above). Key excerpts from these documents are quoted here: GAP
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