Getting started at UTIM

The University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów offers assistance to international students during their first days of stay in Rzeszów and helps them to integrate with a new academic environment.

UITM Rzeszow



At a student’s request the University may offer help in finding accommodation either in a private flat or in a dormitory, depending on preference.The request for accommodation must be submitted with advance notice (several weeks before arrival) to International Office at:
tel: (+48 17) 866 13 23.




During their first days of stay in Rzeszów students will:
  • get familiar with University facilities and activity,

  • visit institutions relevant to the process of visa extension and stay legalization,

  • be shown places essential in everyday life.



Pickup services

There is a possibility of providing transport from the Warsaw airport, for a group of at least 6 people at the approximate cost of 60 EUR per person.
The request should be submitted to the International Relations Department at least one week before arrival in Poland.
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