Undergraduate Programmes

First-cycle studies - for the degree of Bachelor or Engineering
Under the patronage of Cisco Networking Academy Program.
The Applied Computer Science faculty educates ICT specialists, and computer system designers and administrators at graduate level.
Under the patronage of Deutsche Lufthansa. During the course design and development, we incorporated the best European practices in education and business cooperation. 
General aviation operations are these flights which are not planned in the regular flight schedule. It is a market segment related to air operations, such as small aircraft business flights but also glider flights, planes carrying sky-divers and pilot training flights.
Students examine a broad spectrum of issues related to economics. In the course of studies students learn how to plan and run companies on the global market. They also learn to solve problems and use IT in company management.
One of the largest healthcare professions in the EU. The programme will prepare successful students to be effective physiotherapists who use knowledge and skills to improve a range of conditions associated with different systems of the body.
Only for exchange students.
Students examine a broad range of linguistic issues, focusing mainly on communicative skills and extensive background knowledge.
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